We’re all totally under construction all the time. I used to think, when I was a kid, that once you hit a certain age you’d know who you are and you’d have life figured. Ha! the delusion of children. Now, as I’ve reached those ages, it feels like okay, none of have have anything figured. Kind of unsettling, but also kind of nice. I talk to friends who are around sixty, and they don’t have it figured, and I talk to friends at forty, and they still hope that they will figure it out in twenty years. Guess the delusion thing never goes away either.

Well, I’m going to see where this construction period takes me. Hopefully it takes me to some good places. And if not, at least I will be in great company. *wink wink*

Dress – Betsey Johnson vintage from Magpie and Otis on Etsy
Jacket – ASOS c/o Lyst
Boots – thrifted
Necklace – Etsy