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Under Construction, Right?

We’re all totally under construction all the time.

You Win Some, And Some Dresses Fall Apart

So I’m a bit bummed. Gotta say.

All I Have For You Today

Lovers, it is time for the taste of fire.

Radio Silent, Sorta – Follow on Snapchat

Hey all. Love y’all so much. But in the interests of adventuring and living life and all that, I’m going radio silent for a bit.

You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere

“The world is full of things that are tragic or comic, heroic or bizarre or surprising, and those who fail to be interested in the spectacle that it offers are forgoing one of the privileges life has to offer.”
 – Bertrand Russell.

Sartorial Rabbit Hole of Joy, or Lyst

I’ve recently been going down the best rabbit hole ever. And I do mean that. I’ve been spending time on Lyst. It’s seriously like a fashionista’s online Mecca.

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