A brutal head cold. That’s kind of been my life the past few days. It’s not very fun at all. And by that I mean, it sucks balls and has me ready to chop my head off just to get a break from the feelings. Dramatic? Maybe. But ugh, am I done.

I’ve been trying to keep working, and to push through. I’ve been trying to rest as much as I can. No working out since I’m already low energy. But well, the truth is Mom’s don’t get that option. To be fair, neither do Dad’s, but this is from the Mom’s perspective. It doesn’t stop. The photography work, my classes, her homework, and of course the daily chores and other family responsibilities. I can tell you, that I’m trying to take it as easy as possible. And that means crashing on the couch as much as possible and falling into naps while watching DS9 * that’s Star Trek for those who don’t know*

Ginger tea and oregano oil – do your work.

Top – Spell Designs
Dress – Etsy *store appears to be closed now*
Bag – Lucky Brand, hand me down
Boots – Aldo
Top – Trixie boutique
Necklace – Top Shop
Sunnies – Free People