I’m not really a yoga person. But this week as part of his birthday week, I took Andrew to a Hot Yoga class. The stretching was really good, and I enjoyed the upper body work of slow dive bomber push ups (plank, down to upward facing dog/cobra, to downward facing dog and repeat). But it’s not for me. I understand the need for yin – hence my love of Tai Chi – but I’m very much a yang person – weights, kung fu, calisthentics, and running. Tai Chi is my yin balance, and the hot yoga thing is good – as in, I see the benefits for others and the de-stressing etc.  But give me strengthening, a hill that I need to run up, and the chance to kick and punch any day.

I’ll get that whole ‘love’ and ‘de-stress’ thing from my ’70s music. Faux-fur-vest-palazzo-pants-70s-6web





Vest – Flying Tomato
Ring – FCUK
Sunnies – F21
Necklace – FreePeople
Pants & Boots – ThreadSence
Tank – UO