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A Few Minutes of Solitude

Don’t know about you, but everything feels like it’s whirring around me.


I realize now that I take on the colors of the landscape I’m in.

When You Say Goodbye

I’ve been part of a Dungeons and Dragons podcast for over a year

Folk Rock ‘n Roll.

I sometimes feel that with the way I dress, I should be the front man for some sort of folk rock ‘n roll band.

Photography and Real Life

Photography and real life are two very different things.

Hot Yoga and Punching Things

I’m not really a yoga person.

Outdoor What?!

Hey all, are y’all ready to shed the layers? ‘Cause I sooo am.

Carry on My Wayward Son

“Carry on my wayward son
There’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more”

Why I Didn’t Like “Gypset Style”

I’ve been reading “Gypset Style” by Julie Chaplin. I got it as a gift once, and well, every style blogger I know and every brand I know was singing its praises; so, I figured I should probably read it. And I don’t like it.

Annie Hall, or Menswear

Yes, I love my flowy, boho, ruffles, with crochet, and fringe. We all know that far, far too well.

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