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Who’s the Problem? And Other Thoughts On Conformity

I wore this on a day I hung out with a friend, and had drinks with some girlfriend’s in the evening.

When It Won’t Go

Every once in a while, probably once or twice a year, I’ll hold a clothing sale.

Snowy Premiere of Deep Six

This is the dilemma that a Toronto actor faces: you’ve got a premiere to go to, but it’s a freakin’ snow storm out there.

Be Childlike, Not Childish

Here’s a quote from a great little book that I return to every once in a while, Zen and the Art of Falling in Love:

Hold Onto That Magic

Whether I’m at a cottage, or a campsite, or just travelling around, you can’t tear me away from pretty dresses.

No Heels Or Fancy Dresses

You know I’m not a huge fan of super fancy dresses and high heels.

It’s All About Interest




Jacket & Shirt – UO  //  Fedora – ThreadSence  //  Pants – Zara  // Boots – Aldo  //  Earrings & rings – I forget *old*

Sometimes, rarely, I do enjoy wearing an all black ensemble.  But whenever I do monochrome, I love playing with textures upon textures.  Sequins, wool, fur, and pleather….did I miss anything?

It’s just interest I guess.  I love to see some interest in clothing. When there’s textures, or colors, there’s interest, feeling, and a sense of that individual’s attitude for the eve.  I don’t presume to encourage people to judge by the cover, but it’s fun to say something about your state of mind at this particular moment.

Mine was all about the party.

Trying But Not Too Much: Events That Aren’t Too Fancy





Beaded Sequined Top – UO  //  Jeans – Lucky Brand  //  Boots – Browns  //  Bag – Target  //  Earrings – ThreadSence

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a girlfriend for an exclusive fashion show preview. Quelle beautiful fun!  It was a fairly intimate event that didn’t call for the most glamorous of get-ups, but still required a bit more effort.  So skinny jeans, thigh high boots, and a sequined top seemed like the perfect way to say that I tried, but not too much.

As much as I love the fact that my daily life calls for super casual, I love to dress up.  So when given the chance I’m all over it.  I would’ve worn a freakin’ ball gown if not for the fact that it’s Winter, and therefore freezing.






Sequin Dress – Ruche  //  Kimono – Lovely Day   //  Necklace – gift  //  Shoes – Aldo  //  Hair band – Etsy

  As kids we dressed up all the time.  It was encouraged, and expected.  As we grow and take on the mature responsibilities of life, we’re not given the same freedom to play and dress up as before.  But sometimes,  like when you’re invited to the launch of a new play and costumes are encouraged, we get to give our inner child room to play again.

The best thing is that I didn’t have to buy a single thing.  All the pieces were in my closet, and I just had to put them together in a new way.  Except for the wig.  That was in my costume suitcase…you know the one, the one that’s filled with fun costumes pieces and dress up items.  You don’t have one?  You really should get one – it’s loads of fun!

Give me a 1920s themed play *Bootlegger’s Wife* and costumed launch party, thanks to creator Victoria Murdoch *above*, and I’ll give you one flapperific happy gal!

How To Avoid Being Crushed By A Piano *Or, The World According To Joanna*



Long Cardigan – Cecico  //  Sequined Top – Potter’s Pot  //  Waterfall Necklace – c/o Atterley Road  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Threadsence

I don’t think so.  I’m not much into positive thinking.  In fact, it kind of drives me up the wall.  Why ignore the reality in the faint hope that it’ll change.  I’m not really a pessimist – despite people who think I always think of the worst case scenario.  As much as I try to be jaded and cynical I fail, as a friend pointed out to me over drinks. So, label me a realist.  And that means that sometimes you’re not a happy-go-lucky person.  It means that when the circumstances suck, you acknowledge that they do, and you feel crappy about them.

I personally don’t think there’s a problem with that.  Yes dwelling is not good, or exaggerating things, or spiraling down into depression.   But I see nothing wrong with being sad, or angry, or frustrated over a certain set of circumstances.  Every feeling has a certain benefit to it.

To put it another way:

You’re standing and you suddenly look up to see a piano falling down on you.  The pessimist despairs and sees no way out, and is crushed.  The optimist thinks she’ll be okay, or that it will miss her, and is crushed.  The realist sees it, feels the danger and fear, and moves out of the way.  Then, if you’re me, goes and finds out who the hell threw a piano!?

*Here endeth the lesson*

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