Every once in a while, probably once or twice a year, I’ll hold a clothing sale. Sell all those things that I don’t wear as much anymore. You know, the things I love that are just not getting the rotation they deserve. It helps them find a better home. Yes, I realize I have way too much sentimental attachment to my clothes. Whatever.

Anyway, I had one not too long ago, and included these pants. They just weren’t getting the wear. And they didn’t sell. And I’m so happy they didn’t. I’m kind of loving them all over again and I’m happy they stayed. So yeah, sometimes I have serious regret that I sold this thing or another. But sometimes I also have the lovely joy of not having something leave me that should stay, or that I let go of too soon.

There’s a metaphor for life or something in there….whatever. I’m chillin’

Pants – Arizonia Rose
Top – Gap, hand me down
Shoes – Lulus.com
Bag – Lucky Brand, hand me down
Sunnies & Earrings – F21