Whether I’m at a cottage, or a campsite, or just travelling around, you can’t tear me away from pretty dresses. And I don’t care that they’re pretty, I don’t care that they’re fancy, I don’t care that they’re dresses. It won’t stop me from hiking, setting up tents, or climbing a tree. I’ll hike ’em up, tie them off, and go about my business. I love a fancy dress and if you think it’s sweatpants and hoodies appropriate, don’t be surprised to find me in a sequined dress. If it gets ruined, oh well – that’s a part of life. Nothing is permanent.

So here’s to not saving our pretty clothes, here’s to being Queens no matter how we want to be dressed, and here’s to wearing what you damn well please.

Here’s to the magic on your child’s face when she stays up until it’s late and ¬†watches the lights. Remember those times? Remember when it was brilliant and special that we got to stay up past the sun? And remember thinking that this was where some hidden, magically secrets lay and only the grown ups could access them? Well that’s the irony. These children hold the secrets. We, who stay up late all the time, have lost that magic and those secrets. But when I look at her face in the dark staring up at the lights, I get a glimpse of those secrets for a while. And I take a mental picture, and I hold her close, hoping I can stop the moment and let her be this way forever.

Dress – Boston Proper, but honestly guys, as a Canadian customer I found the shipping process a bit of a pain in the butt.
Flip Flops – Walmart
Necklace – I made it
Sunnies – Free People