Tie up your wide leg pants, pop your hair into milkmaid braids, and head out. It’s the easiest thing ever. It’s part of why I love summer, not only is fashion so comfortable then, but it’s also so easy. Why? Because the lack of layers. You don’t have to think if your layers work, you don’t have to try to move around under a bunch of things, and you don’t have to worry that something is too flowy. It’s also why I’m convinced I live in the wrong country: I don’t do too well under a crap ton of layers.

I did however, discover that this jumpsuit doesn’t want to stay over your boobs all that well. It moves around and shifts a bit, but that problem is solved by tying it tighter than you would normally. It shortens it a bit more than I would like, but hey, it covers the ladies.

Jumpsuit – Arnhem via Tan & Tide Boutique
Sunnies – eBay
Sandals – H&M or F21, I forget, they’re old.