I was waiting in line one day. In a public space, bank shop, I forget. I was fourth in line, and the woman at the desk was a mom of two kids who were sitting and playing about six feet away. The littlest one, a boy of about four, kept running over back and forth being loud, disruptive, and rude. She told him to sit down and behave numerous times, but honestly her tone of voice was so tired and whiny that there was no way anyone was going to listen to her *Now, this isn’t about her – we’re all tired as moms, have bad days,  or whatever – this is not about her and her mothering – for the record*

But after a while the boy was annoying everyone, including me. So I decided to try an experiment. I very subtley slid off my sunnies, and when he next came into view and met my eyes I had prepared the same mom look I give my girl when she’s ever misbehaved in public. It’s a very subtle “you’re in such deep shit-I’m dissappointed in your behavior-trust me you do not want to risk your life by continuing this action” look.

Anyway, the boy met my eyes. He froze, shut up, and sat down. Then he checked again whether I was still looking at him. I was.  He no longer misbehaved and began listening to his mom.

Once I turned around, I smiled with utter glee because I never thought that my mom look would work on other kids!

So, all that is to say that I’m wearing sunglasses because clearly I am Cyclops and need to cover my eyes for the safety of others. You’re welcome.

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