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Best Laid Plans

Hat – F21
Sunnies – honestly, don’t remember
Dress – bought in Barcelona, Spain.
Flip Flops – Abercrombie & Fitch
Wednesday I had all these plans.  Big plans.  Grandiose plans.  I was going to accomplish great things.  Move countries, topple mountains.  But what did I do?  I went to the audition I had to go to, and then came home and took a two and a half hour nap before going to host the show.  Two and a half hour nap….I just needed to say that again.  *courtesy of the husband who watched baby girl for half of that*
Both the countries and the mountains have nothin’ to worry about.

p.s.  I really have to remember to take the sunnies off for pictures…two days in a row I’ve had both them and the hat on for shots.  Sheesh!

Quote of Today:
“What do you think this is?  Spartacus?”

Happy Shoes

Top – Ruche
Skirt & Necklace – F21
Shoes – Winners

Guess what?  I wore this to a shoot. *sneak peek of that here*   Yup, this is the kind of thing you’ll see me wearing when I’m taking your picture.  Last year, I nabbed these fun sandals from the clearance section of Winners, and have been loving them ever since.  We met, we wooed, and now we’re happily committed to one another.  I wear them often and treat them well, and they never give my aches or blisters.  It’s a happy relationship all around.  
True Story:
Baby girl has learned to say, “Fork.” 
Though when she says it, it sounds dangerously like something else…

Life Is Good

Hat – Ruche
Sunnies – Lace Affair
Belt – F21
Shirt – Lucca Couture
Cardi – Old Navy
Skirt – F21 dress I sewed into a skirt

Sitting in the backyard, the golden setting sun warm on my shoulder and my legs tucked up underneath me,  I sip my cold, crisp white wine.  My husband is mowing the lawn while my baby girl squeals as she chases the dog who’s running for his dear life in fear of sticky fingers clutching his ears. Right now, right here life is good.

p.s. have you entered the giveaway?  There’s still two days left!
p.p.s.  I’m talking photoshoots today on Mom 2 MemphisAnd Ruby.  Check it out.

Quote of Today:
“Can we get that poo out of you caboose?

Chez Haughton

Top – Free Loader from Body Blue in Toronto
Skirt –
Belt – AE
No Shoes!
We’ve had a few sleepless nights at Chez Haughton.  The little one is sick.  She’s so stuffed up that she has to breathe through her mouth and therefore can’t self-soothe by sucking her thumb.  This means that she needs to sleep with me in order to be comforted back to sleep.  So, Andrew’s on the futon in her room, while me, her, and the dog try to get some rest in our room.  
Only the dog is any rest.
But smelling her and cuddling in close all night is a rare treasure that almost makes up for the stolen sleep. 
In related news, Chez Haughton is now serving coffee with every breakfast. 
Quote of Today:
*From a cool guy I auditioned with of Pakistani roots*
“It’s a little terrorist-y.” 


Top – Gap
Jacket – Old Navy
Skirt – Spotted Moth
Shoes – Payless
Necklace – I made it!

We’re working on trying to reclaim the yard from the weeds and clovers that the former owners let run wild.  Every year we win one more battle.  This year I dug out a lot of the monster weeds that threatened to invade our yard last summer.  I’m hoping that if I’m vigilant they will be slowly snuffed out.  Soldiers! Shovels at the ready!

Quote of Today:
“Don’t worry, our lactose intolerant dog is taking care of the milk spill.”

Saturday Smiles: Ups And Downs

Can you tell I was very impressed with Husband’s witty banter?

Shirt – Esprit
Tank – Smart Set
Skirt – Zara
Booties – Ruche
Necklace – Mama’s Nest Designs
It’s been such an interesting week – ups, downs, and everything in between. Also, just a disclaimer, this outfit looked amazing in my head, not so much in the pictures when I saw them.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all!

Here’s what I’m thankful for:

1. The amazing necklace above from Mama’s Nest Designs. It’s super cute and it has a pearl on it for Baby’s birth month.  She loves it too.  We spent lots of time cuddling on the couch with her touching and playing with it. 
2. I came across a site where a blogger made a list of her favorite fashion/style blogs and I was so honored and amazed to find myself on that list!  Along with Kendi Everyday and Atlantic Pacific. Super cool!  Thanks!!  
3.  My healthy Baby girl – so many parents struggling with their child’s ailments makes me thankful that mine is just precocious, talkative, and active!

True Story:
We went grocery shopping with Baby and she ran around selecting things that we had to buy.  
Here’s her shopping list: 
Crackers, Sausage, and a Red Pepper.

Dino DNA

Top – Lucca Couture; Scarf – Trove; Belt & Dress – F21; Shoes – Payless.

It’s raining!  It’s pouring!  Drake the Dog is snoring!  No really, he is.  Husband is away and Drake has been sleeping on the bed with me  – the guy not only snores, but moans and yips in his sleep too.  I don’t know what’s going on in his head at night but it’s clearly something exciting. 

Since it is really coming down here today, and I’m feeling extremely lazy I’m posting some pics from two days ago when it was sunny and nice and I could take pictures outside.  I just don’t have any place indoors with good lighting.  And natural light is always best I think. 

Also, I’ve been watching Terra Nova and even though it’s kind of cheesy and predictable sometimes *a lot actually*  I’m really liking it.  I think it’s something about any tv show with dinosaurs getting an automatic pass from me….that and aliens.  I loooove me some cool green men.  *that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean*  What do you guys think of it? 

True Story: 

And Now Back To You

Top & Dress – F21; Cardi – Smart Set; Shoes – Payless.

Some days I just don’t have a lot to say about things.  Shocking I know.  I’ve been crazy busy organizing things and working on stuff, so I haven’t really had a lot of time to reflect. The only thing I have to say is that I love mixing prints.  It’s something I’ve never experimented with before and now I’m addicted. 

But right now, I’m gonna turn it over to you.  Tell me what you’re pondering today. 

True Story:
Just in case you weren’t aware, all four legged creatures are “how how”  (dog barking) and all birds are “Qua Qua” (ducking quacking).  
At least according to Baby.

9/11 Pre-empts

Shirt – hand me down from Mom; Dress – Bershka (Spain); Shoes – Payless

Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of 9/11.  And I have a memory of that day that will stand out to me forever.  Every channel had been playing and replaying the footage, and there was news streaming non-stop on the TV.  About three hours after it happened, I went out to a local bulk/health food store to get some much needed groceries.  So, I remember being in the store and getting what I need while the little store TV is softly replaying the footage.  And I overhear some patron complain about how his day is ruined because all his shows have been pre-empted and all that’s on the TV is the same thing over and over again.

As humans we can be so incredibly self-centered.  It makes me sad.

Quote of Today:
“You’ve got egg in your ear”

Wearing My Walkin’ Hat

Hat – Ruche; Skirt as dress – on the beach in Barcelona; Belt – F21; Shoes – Zellers.

Here’s why I love fashion:  You can be endlessly creative with it.  You can nip, tuck, pin, twist, tie, belt, and loop to you hearts content and create an ever varying assortment of outfits.  And one of my fave things is the miraculous ability of maxi skirts to become dresses just by nipping a belt around your waist.

And though you’re probably tired of seeing my summer staples – large sunglasses and a wide brim hat – I’m loving them.  Sun protection hound that I am, I wear both these things and SPF 45 on my face.  What can I say?  I rock the pasty white look.

True Story:
Drake the Dog lying asleep on the couch.  Baby comes over and I expect her to smack him or poke him, but what does she do instead?  She leans in real close and puts her little nose right up against his and just stares at him. 
For a really long time.   
Then she pokes him. 
Still, it’s an improvement.
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