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Pride and Canada Day

Tank – Gap // Skirt & Sunnies – F21 // Shoes – don’t remember // Necklace – Threadsence 

Toronto is in full swing with the Pride parade.  Toronto is awash with rainbow colors and the celebratory mood of acceptance.  How great that we should also be marking our nation’s birth?  This mosaic, mish mash country is fabulous.  Let’s let our inner patriot come out and raise a glass to Canada.

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The Great Divide

Top – Latiste via Ruche  //  Tank – Gap  //   Skirt – Spotted Moth  //  Necklace – Kenya
If you’ve been reading a while, you know our fence blew down a while back, and the house next door has remained vacant for some time now.  What that means is that the backyard has grown wild and high with plants.  And it’s created a bit of a divide in our world:  The manicured control versus the wild abandon. 

Animal Instincts Come Alive

Dress- Mink Pink  //  Jacket – Old Navy  //  Necklace – H&M  //  Shoes – Rocketdog
The warmth is here in full force.  As the sun comes out and the layers are shed I always think that somehow we shed our inhibitions as well and return to more primal roots.  We become more animal, shall we say, more in tune with our instincts.  Clearly that’s on my mind as I reach for animal print and faux suede fringe detail. 
Plus,  whenever I wear animal print, the song, “Wild Women Do” from the Pretty Woman soundtrack plays in my head throughout the day.  We could all use a little Julia Roberts delusion now and then.

Raw Kale and Toddlers

Top – Winners //  Skirt – F21 dress that I converted to a skirt  //  Belt – swapped  //  Hat & Sunnies – F21
Our friends call us the Hippie parents.  And I always wonder why exactly.  Sure we grow veggies in our garden, eat organic, gluten and dairy free as well.  And no we don’t stress over her eating dirt or kissing the dog; germs are good for her immunity.  But here’s what explained things for me. 
I was busy juicing veggie juice for all of us.  I turned around to see Baby Girl standing and munching on the raw kale from the bowl of veggies prepped for juicing.  She was happily eating away and smiling at me.  I smiled back and started juicing.  Then she got upset because I juiced her ‘snack’ *that’s what she called it*  Juicing veggies, and a girl who gets upset when you take away her raw kale?  Yup, we’re hippie parents all right.  If by ‘hippie’ you mean kick ass awesome! Come on, a toddler who eats raw kale and likes it?!  That’s got to be some kind of achievement.

Thank You For Thinking This Is Ugly


Jacket & Belt -F21  //  Top – hand me down  //  Dress – BB Dakota via ModCloth  //  Scarf – Kensie  //  Boots – Aldo
When I saw this dress on ModCloth I immediately fell in love, but on this artist’s budget it just wasn’t happening.  So I waited and hoped for either a big cash boon or a big sale that would allow me to own this gorgeous piece.  Well, the big cash boon didn’t happen, but it seems that this dress wasn’t all that popular since it went on big time sale.  Plus, with an exclusive newsletter discount code, I nabbed it and squealed as it went into the ‘order confirmed’ box.
So thank you to everyone who thought this dress was ugly and for making it less than popular, because I think it’s absolutely perfect and I am over the moon that I nabbed it at pennies on what it was originally priced at.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  You have have officially made my day.  Kisses and hugs.

Objects In Motion

Tee – Gap
Skirt & Belt – F21
An outfit with no shoes because I had no plans.  No need to leave the house and therefore no need to put on shoes.  It was a day when I could sit, and stop moving.  When the only exertion required on my part was that of a leisurely walk around the pond with Baby Girl.  And for that, whatever shoes were in proximity of the door sufficed.  It was a moment when things stopped for a bit. 
True Story:
I think it’s becoming a habit, this stealing of my shoes.

I Swear I’m Not Naked!

Dress – Threadsence
Cardi – Yumi
Shoes – Payless
Sunnies – Lace Affair
Bracelet/Necklace – c/o TwillyPop
Sometimes you don’t really notice what you look like until you see a picture.  Now, I would like to think that had I had a full length mirror, I would’ve noticed that I look totally naked underneath this dress.  I assure you, I was not!  I had on a nude colored bra, and skin tight, nude booty shorts.  But despite my covering up underneath, the sheerness and the silhouette created do indeed project that image and therefore I find it indecent.  A half slip is being purchased as we speak.  
However a misfortune this incident was, I have to share how much I’m adoring this necklace.   It’s gorgeous! And I think it walks the line of simple and chic while still being a stand out item.  What’s great about it is that it’s so flexible you can do whatever you like with it.  I often get a rebel-without-a-cause satisfaction out of wearing things the way they’re not ‘supposed’ to be worn.  That, coupled with the fact that it was so humid I couldn’t bear to have anything on my neck for more than 15 minutes, resulted in the move of this piece to my wrist and my wearing it as a bracelet for the rest of the day.  It’s gorgeous, and not only did I get compliments on the dress, I got more than a few complimentary looks at my wrist.  
True Story:
Baby spilled something.  
She went around to the other side of the bed to get a kleenex to wipe it up.  
On the way back, she was distracted by something Andrew said to her.  
Once done, she looked back in the direction she had been originally going and stood there. 
She had totally forgotten her determined and resolute mission.  S
he stood there for several moments clearly trying hard to recall what it was she had been so focused on.  Then she dropped the Kleenex, did a 180 and walked away. 
Her mission aborted. 

The Fantasy Does Not Become Reality

This is the fashion blogger I sometimes fantasize I am.

But then, just like that blurred head in the foreground of the photo, reality infringes.
And this is the fashion blogger I really am.

I’m okay with that.

Tee – Gap
Belt – Spotted Moth
Dress worn as Skirt – Guess 

Spent Some Time Walking With A Friend

Shirt – Esprit
Dress worn as skirt – bought in Valencia, Spain
Belt – Ruche (old)
Shoes – Threadsence
Sunnies – F21

Sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone.  Just talk with a girl friend you’ve known for years, who’s done stupid things with you in University, and smart things with you out of it.  Our conversation made me realize how much harder everything gets, but at the same time how much better it would be if everyone had to grow up and stop acting like 19 year olds.  What I mean by that, is just responsibility for yourself and your actions.  We’re all imperfect, we all screw up, but you have to stand on your own two feet and accept that.

I know, easier said than done.
No, no smart ass remarks today for you…I’ll try to keep you entertained and captivated on twitter.
Or tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow.

Quote of Today:
“Are you saying I have to make my vegetable have sex?”

Wild Women Do What You Think Of Never

Jacket – Old Navy
Shirt – hand me down
Skirt – Mink Pink
Shoes – Payless
Necklace & Thumb Ring – F21
Safari Ring – Threadsence
I’m getting a bit more adventurous sartorially. *she says a little smugly* I’m actually a little proud of myself.  I used to never, ever wear leopard print – ever.  But then this vest was too appealing to resist and, well, once the barrier has been broken I think there’s no turning back, because then this skirt here became to appealing to resist…and there’s a tank top in a similar pattern that has me drooling.  So either I’m getting more adventurous, or I’m getting in touch with my inner wild cat.  
Either one works, really. 
p.s. While I was writing this post the song “Wild Women Do” from Pretty Woman was playing in my head.  Take from that what you will. 
Quote of Today:
“This hairdo is brought to you by Chez wet-hair-tied-up-in-an-elastic-all-night.”
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