Top – Free Loader from Body Blue in Toronto
Skirt –
Belt – AE
No Shoes!
We’ve had a few sleepless nights at Chez Haughton.  The little one is sick.  She’s so stuffed up that she has to breathe through her mouth and therefore can’t self-soothe by sucking her thumb.  This means that she needs to sleep with me in order to be comforted back to sleep.  So, Andrew’s on the futon in her room, while me, her, and the dog try to get some rest in our room.  
Only the dog is any rest.
But smelling her and cuddling in close all night is a rare treasure that almost makes up for the stolen sleep. 
In related news, Chez Haughton is now serving coffee with every breakfast. 
Quote of Today:
*From a cool guy I auditioned with of Pakistani roots*
“It’s a little terrorist-y.”