Top – Lucca Couture; Scarf – Trove; Belt & Dress – F21; Shoes – Payless.

It’s raining!  It’s pouring!  Drake the Dog is snoring!  No really, he is.  Husband is away and Drake has been sleeping on the bed with me  – the guy not only snores, but moans and yips in his sleep too.  I don’t know what’s going on in his head at night but it’s clearly something exciting. 

Since it is really coming down here today, and I’m feeling extremely lazy I’m posting some pics from two days ago when it was sunny and nice and I could take pictures outside.  I just don’t have any place indoors with good lighting.  And natural light is always best I think. 

Also, I’ve been watching Terra Nova and even though it’s kind of cheesy and predictable sometimes *a lot actually*  I’m really liking it.  I think it’s something about any tv show with dinosaurs getting an automatic pass from me….that and aliens.  I loooove me some cool green men.  *that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean*  What do you guys think of it? 

True Story: