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Now I Have A Machine Gun. Ho-Ho-Ho!

Husband said he had a surprise for me for my birthday. He wouldn’t tell me what, only that I had some outfit restrictions. *more on that at another time*  I was wary, and a little nervous because I feared I would hate what he had planned and I would have to pretend to like it.  But he did good.

Once we dropped Baby off at the grandparents, he gave me a cd with a ‘message from the future’ *made by him in a distorted voice* about how the zombie apocalypse came and I had to save humanity.  So I had to continue my martial arts training with live firearms.  And that’s what we did.  I learned to shoot.

Husband photoshopped my head onto a picture of Sarah Connor.

My target with the Glock 9mm.

Yes, that’s a pink shotgun.

It was amazing!  I’ve always wanted to learn to shoot firearms, and this was a great thing for him to take me to do.  It was so natural too *kinda scary, I know*  I wasn’t scared, or nervous.  Husband even said that I looked really comfortable and confident.   What I love about it is that it’s so precise, there’s so many minute little details to think about, and there’s so much for my perfectionist brain to latch onto.  It also gave me a larger respect for the power and danger of firearms.  But what I wasn’t expecting was the incredible calming nature of it.

When I had the Glock 9mm *I liked that one the best* in my hands and was aiming, it was like the whole world went away.  I was so focused on what I was doing that nothing else mattered.  There was something single-minded and calm and focused in going through a clip.  I guess that’s true with anything requiring a single focus, but in this case I felt that heightened because I was dealing with something lethal so the importance of focus was even greater.

Anyway, it was amazing.  I know some people hate guns *you are right to feel however you choose – pro or anti* , and I don’t advocate everyone going out and buying a gun, but I think like anything they have their place.  And me, as a woman who loves martial arts, swords, and post-apocalyptic films this is a skill that appeals to me.

Yes, we also went shopping and had a wonderful meal including an amazing chocolate torte, but this was definitely the highlight.

Quote of Today:
“They’re selling the Zombie Pack!  Awesome.”

Pre-Birthday Day

I went out today to get a little shopping done – like underwear, I don’t have a lot or more specifically a lot in good shape – and also to enjoy a bit of a day to myself as a pre-birthday treat.  I ate a delicious meal out by myself while watching an episode of one of my favorite shows on my smartphone.  Then I went and rummaged through fabric stores for a few hours trying to find a few things I like.  Overall, pretty good.

While walking down an alley to cut across, I spotted this fun wall.

And of course, I couldn’t get out all day by myself and not spend some of my Christmas money on a couple of expansion packs to my favorite board games.

And the outfit posts will resume tomorrow, I promise. 

And Now A Message From Drake

I got a bath.  I really don’t like them, and I go a little mad afterwards….

Just a few days to enter the

Merry Christmas!

Baby played with all the fabulous toys she got last night, but this one was decidedly her favorite…for now.

Honestly, I wish I knew….

Baby’s very eco-conscious at even this young ripe age.

I still don’t have any clothes, so I’m wearing a hand-me-down sweater I nabbed from my mama, and the icy blue scarf my sister got me for Christmas.  Isn’t it lovely?

Drake the Dog pretty much pouted the whole day.  Until he got to go to the dog park, then her pouted again.

Hope you are all safe and happy!  I’m stuffed with lots of good food.  I think I might burst, then again I might just go and have some chocolate….who knows.

Christmas Eve

Baby loves fruit smoothies!

Me and my darling sister.

While I was busy packing everyone else – Baby, gifts, house etc.  I totally forgot my own clothes hanging on the hanger in the closet.  So all I had was my jeans, and belt, and had to raid my Mom’s closet for the rest.  Necessity breeds creativity.

Sweater&Top – my Mama’s; Jeans – Gap; Belt – F21; Shoes – didn’t need them.

Christmas Eve dinner with my Mama and beautiful sisters!
Baby was so excited and surprised with all the gifts!

The aftermath.

Baby got this cute toque for X-mas, but didn’t want to wear it, so I put it on instead.

Sliding Ducks And Muddy Babies

It was a beautiful day.  So we thought it was a perfect time to go for a walk around the pond…what were we thinking??

The pond has started to freeze over but you can’t tell because it’s so thin, so the ducks were coming in for regular landings only to be shocked and surprised that instead of being in water they were sliding on top of ice.

Then Baby, walking along, fell face first into mud. Oh no!  But she was fine and started getting up by herself only to plop down on her bum and then to tumble completely backwards…into the mud.  OH NO!!

Husband had to lift her out by grabbing one tiny fairly clean spot on her snowsuit.

First the ducks, then we had to clean her off….

We did the front too.

You should’ve seen the huge smile on her face.  She thought it was the greatest game!

Quote of Today:
“After Europe, I can sleep anywhere.”

Random Sundays: Street Art

Here’s just some fun wall art from around Toronto.

Day Out – Part Two

The wonderful Ms.Tench who watched Baby while Husband and I went out.

We play a very serious game…

Day Out – Part One

I didn’t post yesterday, and do you want to know why?  ‘Cause I was out with Husband for the whoooooole day!!  That’s right, thanks to the fabulous Ms. Tench, Husband and I had the whole day to ourselves sans Baby *well, 8 hours but let’s not split hairs*

First we went to one of our favorite restaurants for an early lunch.
Then we went to a used bookstore to browse.  And we bought about four books for Baby! As it turns out she’s always on our minds.
I popped into the bathroom at the mall, and when I came out Husband had disappeared…I knew exactly where to find him.

Anyone want to purchase?
Dessert was so good it was gone in about three minutes.
Some building in our city are so beautiful.

A walk through the park and we headed home….to be continued in Part Two.

Random Sundays: So Green And Fresh

The Fam and I went for a walk.  It was really pretty out.  So green and fresh!

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