I didn’t post yesterday, and do you want to know why?  ‘Cause I was out with Husband for the whoooooole day!!  That’s right, thanks to the fabulous Ms. Tench, Husband and I had the whole day to ourselves sans Baby *well, 8 hours but let’s not split hairs*

First we went to one of our favorite restaurants for an early lunch.
Then we went to a used bookstore to browse.  And we bought about four books for Baby! As it turns out she’s always on our minds.
I popped into the bathroom at the mall, and when I came out Husband had disappeared…I knew exactly where to find him.

Anyone want to purchase?
Dessert was so good it was gone in about three minutes.
Some building in our city are so beautiful.

A walk through the park and we headed home….to be continued in Part Two.