It was a beautiful day.  So we thought it was a perfect time to go for a walk around the pond…what were we thinking??

The pond has started to freeze over but you can’t tell because it’s so thin, so the ducks were coming in for regular landings only to be shocked and surprised that instead of being in water they were sliding on top of ice.

Then Baby, walking along, fell face first into mud. Oh no!  But she was fine and started getting up by herself only to plop down on her bum and then to tumble completely backwards…into the mud.  OH NO!!

Husband had to lift her out by grabbing one tiny fairly clean spot on her snowsuit.

First the ducks, then we had to clean her off….

We did the front too.

You should’ve seen the huge smile on her face.  She thought it was the greatest game!

Quote of Today:
“After Europe, I can sleep anywhere.”