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Conversations in our House: Coffee and Other Men Edition

If you haven’t noticed I’m a gallows humor and sarcastic type of person.


We don’t think about it, but rest is an important part of growth.

Beautiful Scape

Top – hand me down
Dress – Everly
Necklace – Ruche
Shoes – Payless
Emily’s parents in B.C. have the most beautiful backyard, and just being around the house was a visual feast.  Don’t even get me started on the wonderful forest and mountain scape that surrounded me the entire time.  I could easily live here and get lost in all this beauty.  
Quote of Today:
“Emily, how do YOU spell it?”

Losing the Light

Dress – Ruche
Shoes – Clarks
Earrings – c/o This Enchanted Pixie 
When I’m shooting I tend to forget about myself, in that I forget until I’m coming home and totally losing the light that I have not even one photo of the day’s outfit.  That’s how I got this one: coming home from a recent shoot, totally losing the light, hence, all the graininess.  You can’t even tell that the dress is a dark blue. 
That backpack there holds my on site necessities – camera, lenses, extra cards, etc.  And yes, I wore heels to a shoot.  First off, the method to my madness is that I was shooting headshots for a man, and in order to get the best shots, I wanted to be either shorter than him, or almost at eye level, so I needed that extra little boost of height.  Secondly, you wouldn’t be the first to say that I don’t have to dress up since I’m the one behind the camera.  But I would argue that:
A) I’m meeting a client, so looking good (not old jeans and t-shirt) is important. 
B) I’m in the image business (pictures) and what does it say when I’m not at all conscious of the image I create. 
C) I like to dress up.  I would much rather be overdressed than under dressed for the game of life. 
Quote of Today:
“When your neighbors yell ‘score!’ You should yell back ‘penalty shot!’ or ‘checking from behind!'”
*see Sex-tivities for context*

Ride Your Wild Horses

Sweater – Gap
Top – hand me down
Hair Bow – Ruche
Tights & Earrings – F21
Shoes – Payless
Dress – Ruche *sold out* 
Get it at Threadcase in Red and at ShopSosie in Black.
Every time I wear a horse print, so really this dress because it’s the only horse print I own thus far, my mind starts playing U2’s “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses.” It’s amazing how music, like scent, can just stay in your brain and spring to the forefront with just the right trigger.  It’s like a tangible road mark for memories and feelings.  Some music and some scents just take you to a different place and time… whether you want to go there or not.

True Story:
We’re all dressed for a walk and we turn to ask Baby if she wants to go.
*she usually loves to go* 
She grabs a book, sits down in a corner, and shakes her head, “No.”  
Then smiles a, “Nope, not happening” smile.
Got a mind of her own that one.

High School Reunion In My Brain

Scarf – street stand; Top&Tights – F21; Dress – Ruche; Shoes – Payless.
 For more on this dress please reference this post.

As my birthday nears *oh dear Lord, I’m getting old!* I find myself thinking back to high school.  Don’t ask me why because I have no idea, but that’s what’s on my mind these days.  I think it might be because as teenagers we feel like we’ll be young and full of potential and capability forever.  Or it might be because I had such a clear and vivid picture of what my life would be like when I reached the age I’m reaching.  But either way I find myself being nostalgic and retrospective.

I think back to the girl I was.  I felt so out of place, so awkward, so nerdy, and so un-cool.  I don’t know if that’s the truth, but that’s how I remember it.  If you look through the yearbook you might find a picture of someone who was…what? Bold?  Daring?  Confident? What did others think?  I wonder how they remember it.   It’s interesting how our memories differ based on our perspectives.  Over the years, I’ve run into friends and people I knew back then and realized that what they remember is different from what I remember.  So I wonder who the keeper of truth is?  Is there an absolute truth out there or is it all malleable based on our thoughts? Is it like time: based on your position and speed in relation to the universe?

Quote of Today:
“Stop stepping on the broccoli.”

Reverse Raindance

Sweater – F21; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Boots – Petite Pieds.

These rain boots are magic.  Honestly!  Every time I wear them it instantly stops raining.  They’re like raindance shoes, but in reverse in that they stop the rain.  Then, when I came inside for the day and put these boots away, it started raining again. You think I’m joking, but the last seven times I’ve worn them in the rain, it stopped raining within 10 minutes.  Honestly!

Oh, and I absolutely adore this dress!  It’s so perfect and magical and I love the simple horse print on it.  The material  is a soft silky type that feels just so decadent and indulgent.  And the subtle sweetheart neckline with a cross-over back is flattering on everyone! *when it’s warm enough outside to wear it without layering of course, like here*  I originally got it from Ruche here, but they only have a couple left, so you can get it here, from Modcloth, too *especially if you’re looking for a medium*, and if you like the idea of black and pink, get the dress in this color from ShopSosie instead!  

p.s. no I didn’t wear the same tights two days in a row.  I’m just a little behind and disjointed on outfit shots.  I wore them two days apart.

p.p.s.  Check out some behind the scenes shots that the fabulous make-up artist took at my latest shoot!  

True Story:
Baby chased the dog around the ottoman today for about 15 minutes. 
Then I chased Baby around the ottoman today for about 15 minutes. 
Our house is really exciting.


Scarf – street stand; Jacket – Jacob; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat; Sweater – F21; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Clarks.

I saw this outfit on The Clothes Horse a while back and knew that since I owned the same dress I just had to recreate that look.  You know what they say about imitation.  But I wasn’t crazy about the color of her sweater for myself; it looked great on her, but I knew that it just wouldn’t feel right on me.  So when I found this poodle sweater on F21, I knew it was the perfect way to recreate that darling outfit.  And well, I had a certificate burning a hole in my pocket, so I made sure to snag it.  What’s funny is that the very day it arrived at my door, I saw Rose a la Mode wearing the exact same sweater.  Great minds, huh?  Anyway, I’ve been saving this outfit for a day when I get to go out for a bit, and I finally got the chance, so here it is!  Yeah poodles!  Yeah horses!  Yeah mixing prints!

This outfit was a hit with both the Moms and the kids that I help teach.  Cross-generational outfit?  yes, please!

Quote of Today:
“If I just clean it, it’s clean.”

I’m Excited About My Haircut!

Cardi – Old Navy; Belt – H&M; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless; Scarf – street stand.

I got a haircut!  I also did some voice over work *read about that here*But back to the haircut.  I’m excited about this and I’ll tell you why.  Remember when I chopped off allllll of my hair? As I’m sure you know, bobs have a different angle of cut then other, longer styles.  They’re longer at the front and shorter in the back, while regular haircuts do the opposite – longer at the back and shorter at the front.  Anyway, since then I’ve been growing it back out again.  And my hairdresser has been slowly and carefully changing back the angel so as not to give me a dramatic cut that would dishearten how much I’ve grown it out.  Weellll, after this last appointment she said that it’s now at the right angle, and no longer going to look wonky…at least not from the cut – the styling is all up to me.   So that’s why I’m so happy.  ‘Cause my hair is now all back to the way it should…only shorter.  But that takes time.  Unless someone can donate hair extensions.


Anyone? Bueller?  Bueller?

Quote of Today:
“If I can just say ‘bear’,’dog’, and ‘cheese’ everything will be all right.”

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