Scarf – street stand; Jacket – Jacob; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat; Sweater – F21; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Clarks.

I saw this outfit on The Clothes Horse a while back and knew that since I owned the same dress I just had to recreate that look.  You know what they say about imitation.  But I wasn’t crazy about the color of her sweater for myself; it looked great on her, but I knew that it just wouldn’t feel right on me.  So when I found this poodle sweater on F21, I knew it was the perfect way to recreate that darling outfit.  And well, I had a certificate burning a hole in my pocket, so I made sure to snag it.  What’s funny is that the very day it arrived at my door, I saw Rose a la Mode wearing the exact same sweater.  Great minds, huh?  Anyway, I’ve been saving this outfit for a day when I get to go out for a bit, and I finally got the chance, so here it is!  Yeah poodles!  Yeah horses!  Yeah mixing prints!

This outfit was a hit with both the Moms and the kids that I help teach.  Cross-generational outfit?  yes, please!

Quote of Today:
“If I just clean it, it’s clean.”