If you haven’t noticed I’m a gallows humor and sarcastic type of person. And naturally, I have to be partnered with someone who gets my dark gallows humor and understands my sarcasm otherwise it would go deeply, deeply wrong. So here’s a little snap shot of ridiculous conversations that occur in my house late at night. To paint the picture, imagine us smirking and dripping with sarcasm throughout.

Me: I was really shocked that I’ve been up before you the last two days. What’s going on?

Him: Yeah I know, you’ve had to make your own coffee the last two mornings.

Me: I know. It’s horrible. I can’t deal with it.

Him: It’s terrible. However are you going to survive?

Me: Well, I don’t think I have a choice.  I think I have to leave you for a man who’ll make me morning coffee.

Him completely non-plussed: You know our coffee maker has a timer right? You can set it?

Me: Well I guess you should get on that as I don’t think I have any other recourse.

Tank – Spell Designs
Jeans – F21
Belt – Lucky Brand
Shoes – Clarks