Dress – Ruche
Shoes – Clarks
Earrings – c/o This Enchanted Pixie 
When I’m shooting I tend to forget about myself, in that I forget until I’m coming home and totally losing the light that I have not even one photo of the day’s outfit.  That’s how I got this one: coming home from a recent shoot, totally losing the light, hence, all the graininess.  You can’t even tell that the dress is a dark blue. 
That backpack there holds my on site necessities – camera, lenses, extra cards, etc.  And yes, I wore heels to a shoot.  First off, the method to my madness is that I was shooting headshots for a man, and in order to get the best shots, I wanted to be either shorter than him, or almost at eye level, so I needed that extra little boost of height.  Secondly, you wouldn’t be the first to say that I don’t have to dress up since I’m the one behind the camera.  But I would argue that:
A) I’m meeting a client, so looking good (not old jeans and t-shirt) is important. 
B) I’m in the image business (pictures) and what does it say when I’m not at all conscious of the image I create. 
C) I like to dress up.  I would much rather be overdressed than under dressed for the game of life. 
Quote of Today:
“When your neighbors yell ‘score!’ You should yell back ‘penalty shot!’ or ‘checking from behind!'”
*see Sex-tivities for context*