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That First Day On The Bike

Yes, I know people in Toronto bike year round.

Selfies vs. Self Portraits (Hate vs. Love)

I told you it was coming. I warned you it was coming. I promised, and so here it is: my thoughts on the selfie.

Embrace the Ridiculousness

When you’re out with your friend, and ask her to take some outfit shots….but she can’t stop making you laugh, what do you do?

The Doorman

I’ve gone back to “Zen and the Art of Falling in Love” as I tend to do.

Bodysuits and TMI?

Okay, some real weird fashion real talk comin’ atcha right now. I’m talking bodysuits today.

Swishy Sounds Captured in a Photo

I love swirling about in a floaty dress or skirt.

Winter Fashion

When I look at Australians styling clothes for Winter, and looking for dresses with long sleeves I always think, “Oh sweetheart, you don’t know Winter!” 

Why I Can’t Have Pretty Things

I bought myself an umbrella. Isn’t it a pretty umbrella? I think so.


A brutal head cold. That’s kind of been my life the past few days.

My Simple Work Outfit

No profound wisdom or thoughts to impart here.

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