Okay, some real weird fashion real talk comin’ atcha right now. I’m talking bodysuits today.

You know, they’re everywhere and have been for a while. They’ve come back with a vengeance. Now, I never wore them the first time they came around. But I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately. So here’s two things that bugged me about them and that made me hesitate, and the results of an inexpensive experiment with them.

First off, I always wondered what a pain in the ass they must be when you have to go to the bathroom. You have to take everything off and sit there topless while you do your business. And yes, it’s the same thing with rompers, but at least those are in the summer and it’s warm. Bodysuits are year round things, so you’re going to be freezing your…well, you know what…off.  And yes, you might say, “But Jo, that’s why some of them have snaps at the bottom.” But here’s my concern with that: you’re walking around with two metal snaps between your legs….how comfortable can that be?!?!

But well, them bodysuits didn’t go anywhere, aaand I kept looking at them….and looking at them.  Then I saw this teal, velvet, and lace one on Forever 21. I mean, come on!  If I was ever going to try a bodysuit it would be teal, and velvet, with lace, and backless to boot!  Plus, it came with those snap thingy-s so I could test that out.

Verdict: the snap thingy’s solve the topless bathroom issue….and they’re surprisingly well thought out. I honestly didn’t feel a thing throughout my whole day. So I guess that concern was taken care of too. Now, I can’t speak for all bodysuits, but this velvet one is so soft and the snaps are so small that they don’t bother me. Final verdict is in: bodysuits are cool….just like bowties *If you’re a Doctor Who fan you got that reference. If you’re not, WHO ARE YOU?!?*

Jeans – F21, embroidered by my Mom and upcycled by me.
Bodysuit – F21
Shirt – hand me down
Necklace – bought in Vegas from Native Americans.
Boots – Threadsence