I told you it was coming. I warned you it was coming. I promised, and so here it is: my thoughts on the selfie. Selfies bore the shit out of me. That’s the crux, here are the details: I don’t mind pictures of someone all the time. I actually really love portraits and people in pictures. My own shooting aesthetic is to shoot people not objects/landscapes. So I love portraits and self portraits – especially environmental ones or fashion ones (obviously, I personally love to see what people are wearing). I don’t even mind the selfies where you’re showing me where you are and what you’re doing. Especially if it’s something you’re excited about.  But the head selfies, where it’s just the face and it’s always the same…and sometimes always the same angle as well? Yeah, that holds no interest to me. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re a specific breed.  My thoughts are, ” Yup, you still look like you today.” Also, the lens on the cameras messes with perspective so you don’t even actually look like you 90% of the time.

I know that lots of you will get riled up over this post, so remember two things:
1. This is my opinion and my site. You can just keep clicking and have your say on your site.
2. Obviously, many people disagree – look at all the selfie love.
3. Be kind.

Dress – Auguste the Label (swapped, and then shortened by me)
Shirt – H&M
Boots – Call it Spring
Socks – Frock Toronto