Yes, I know people in Toronto bike year round. I understand that me on my bike is not a big deal. But well, if I bike around Toronto in the cold, it wouldn’t be that great an idea. I live in North Toronto, and to get anywhere on my bike takes a while, which is fine in nice weather, but makes things insufferable in the cold. Furthermore, there are a lot of hills to get to my place. Again, fine in the summer, but icy and not fun in the Winter.  And lastly, I’m a total and complete wimp when it comes to the cold. Doesn’t matter what other argument you make, that last one will always stand.

So that first day on the bike is glorious. So lovely. It means it’s warm first off, and second it means that audiobook season has started. That’s how I roll. It doesn’t even matter that my knees were greasy and totally bruised up, as were my hands – literally, they were black and had to be washed immediately once I met my bud – from the air pumping and mini tune up. It’s a great day once that basket comes out. I love being car and ttc free.

Dress – Ruche
Boots – Threadsence
Sunnies – F21
Top – what  now know is a Spell Designs copy.