When I look at Australians styling clothes for Winter, and looking for dresses with long sleeves I always think, “Oh sweetheart, you don’t know Winter!”  When it’s -33 degrees out with the wind chill, when there’s feet of snow on the ground, a ‘dress with sleeves’ is really just the starting layer. You’re looking at leggings and tanks underneath, sweaters on top, scarves, hat, parka, and mitts. You’re talking layers! When it’s only -12 and you can pop off your coat for 10 minutes of pictures, you’re celebrating that it’s downright warm.  That’s Winter fashion. There are days when you couldn’t pay me enough money to take off my coat…..okay, well maybe you could, but we’d have to be talking six figures.

And yes, to be clear, I am jealous of their Winter.

Jeans – Gap
Top – Spell Designs
Tee – Gap
Boots – Shoe Company
Necklace – Etsy