I bought myself an umbrella. Isn’t it a pretty umbrella? I think so. It was pouring rain – like “Toronto is flooding and highways are closed” kind of rain. It was so bad and windy that I took these shots the next day because there was no place where either me or my camera would be safe. It’s been a little nuts with the weather lately. And the truth is, that the weather is only going to get weirder and weirder in the years to come. But I digress here…

My umbrella and I traveled through this rain, and of course, of course, it got bent by the wind – yes it was that powerful. I bent it back, but it’s still a little warped when closed. It’s okay when open, so that’s good. But I thought to myself, “This is why I can’t have pretty things: ’cause I break them within two hours.”

Good thing I don’t have a lot of attachment to physical items.

Dress – Wilfred Free via Common Sort
Shirt – hand me down from my husband
Sweater – Smart Set
Socks – Free People
Umbrella & Wellies – Walmart