Baby was making funny faces at me off camera and it cracked me up!  Oh, and if you follow me on facebook, this is the dress that got me weird looks on the bus…I still don’t know why.

Cardi – Old Navy; Belt – AE; Dress – Guess; Boots – Ruche; Ring – Spotted Moth

I don’t usually comment on certain private events, but something has been on my mind of late.  I know this woman as an acquaintance *we run in vaguely overlapping social circles* and, since we know similar people, we were facebook ‘friends.’  Now this woman is a lovely person, but she has a tendency to say outrageous and sometimes offensive remarks/status updates.  Normally this is fine.  I’m not one to censor anyone.  Everyone has a right to say what they think regardless of what I may personally feel on the subject.  But it is not necessarily everyone’s right for me to listen to them.

Anyway, as every new Mom knows, the first four months of your baby’s life are rough on you mentally, physically, emotionally, and relationally.  I was going through this upheaval and isolation of new motherhood and used facebook to connect with friends and escape a little over my morning coffee.  I needed the respite from the turmoil and chaos that was the transition time.

During this fragile time, her outrageous and meant-to-be-entertaining remarks would make me really upset.  Though they were not directed at me, I was hurt by them.  So rather than say something that wasn’t my right to say, I simply ‘unfriended’ her.  Not too long ago we ran into each other at a social function, and she was rather cold – barely saying ‘hello’ and not making any eye contact.

Why  do I mention this?

Well, simply because I think we could all show a little more compassion to one another.  I think we could all benefit from watching what we say, and from taking things a little too personally.  Also, I think there is so much drama in the world already, that there really is no need to create more in our personal lives.

Live and let live.

True Story:  It still amazes me that I grew this beautiful little creature that is currently destroying my DVDs.