Random Sundays: Her Mother’s Daughter

Baby is turning out to be just like her Mama.  She loves the treadmill just as much as I do! Don’t worry, she was under my watchful gaze the entire time.
I’m on set today for Posthuman, so this is the only post I’ll manage today. 
And check out a teaser pic of my new headshots here.

I haven’t showered, I haven’t eaten…I’m pooped!

Shirt – swapped; Scarf – thrifted; Jacket – Spotted Moth; Jeans – Guess.

Baby’s tooth finally breach the surface, but last night was the climax and boy did she give us a run for our money.   I’m so tired, the most I had the energy for was a cup of tea and a protein shake.  And me not eating is a huge deal!

In terms of outfit, all I could manage was to actually be dressed *as opposed to in my pajamas* as we headed out the door for a walk.  I know it’s not very uninspired, but not everyday can be glorious.

However, I must say I love this jacket from Spotted Moth.  It’s faux-fur lining is so very warm and comforting especially on a day like today where you’re tired and it’s still quite chilly.  The only down side to the piece is that it has no closure at the front.  That’s an issues in the fall with the cold wind. But I’m just going to add two hooks or buttons to make the jacket stay closed.  And for 50% off, this really is a steal!

Our outdoor adventure took us in and around the pond in the park.  

I love the mural on the side of the public building in the park.

Weeds or flowers?

One little, lone cloud in the sky.  Precious thing!

I love those trees.  Like giants in the playground.
Tomorrow I’m on set for the web series I’m working on.  
I’ll be blogging about that over here!

Dress 79: Is My Nerdiness Showing?

Baby and I on our way back from hanging out with her boyfriends!
I’m loving this out of focus shot.
Jacket – Old Navy  ; Dress Ruche  ; Tights – Hue; Shoes – AE; Bag – F21  (patches sewn on by me)

Baby is an absolute pill ’cause she’s got a tooth coming in.  And since Husband has been working the past three days, and is working for the next two weeks straight, I get to be with her all by myself.  Oh the joys of being freelance! But at least we got to go out and hang out with her gal friend and her three boyfriends.  The four other Moms and I finally managed to co-ordinate our schedules to see each other.  And yes, there are three boys and one other girl in the group.  Baby used to have her pick of the boys, but the other young lass is maturing and starting to get in on the action!

I’m so pleased to say that the weather has improved today.  I’m not one to usually talk about the weather so much, but it has been absolutely horrendous here lately – severe thunderstorm warnings, wind warnings, cold, rain, etc.  Today at least it didn’t prevent us from venturing out.

As for the title of the post, well if you get it, you get it.
If you don’t, it’s probably better I don’t explain.
I’ll just look like more of a nerd.

Dress 78: The Necessity Of A Back-Up Outfit

Dress – Bershka (in Barcelona); Belt – F21

I have to say, I was a big fan of this dress but now I’ve sort of lost the love.  I don’t like that it’s sooo overly babydoll.  I think it makes me look a little shapeless and child-like. It might be a cute dress to throw on around the house in the summer.  I’m not really sure.  Maybe, I’ll sell it, or store it.  Thoughts?

But I was only in this dress until just after lunch.  It got cold, and Baby…well, Baby did what Baby does.  She got food and spit-up on it.  I’ve gotten used to the idea that as a Mom I have a nice outfit and a simple back-up for later.  This was the back-up:

Shirt – Buffalo; Jeans – Guess

This Is What The Day Looks Like

It’s one big thunderstorm.
But the sky looks amazing in the brief moments when it stops raining.

It’s raining and thunderstorming.  There’s a wind warning in effect for Toronto today.  That means Baby and I are stuck inside all day.  Will we go stir crazy?  No, but I think today is going to include more tv then I usually allow for the two of us.  C’est la vie.

Dress 77: Severe Thunderstorms In My Mind

Dress – Ruche or UrbanOg ; Belt & Leggings – F21.

I love wearing fancy stuff when it’s not fancy time!  This dress is meant for a more foraml occasion, but I love that I’m wearing it around the house to play with Baby, cook her food, etc.  It makes me feel more special.  It also makes me feel a lot prettier…and that’s always a good thing.  There’s a seveer thunderstorm warning for Toronto today, and maybe it’s the pressure system that’s affecting me, but I’m being totally harsh on myself about my *for lack of a better term* ‘looks’.  We all have those days.  I don’t care if you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, some days you just feel like the gum stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe. So I wore the fancy dress to snap myself out of it.  And you know what?  It works.  After putting it on, I feel so much better.

So tell me, how do you snap yourself out of the body/image/looks blues?

Super Excite!

Husband concentrating real hard!

Excite Bots!

Apparently everyone is as thrilled as we are.

Husband and I had a little date night yesterday once Baby went to sleep.  We had some chocolate and kicked butt at ExciteBots on our Wii.  Yeah, we’re a wild bunch!

We also watched an episode of Human Planet.  It’s an amazing show about how humans live in the most inhospitable environments – the ocean, the arctic, deserts, etc.  You should check it out.  It’s astounding how resourceful we can be.

Dress 76: Pointing Out What Contradicts

So I was trying to get an outfit shot…

…when I saw someone making their way towards me…

…apparently my outfit is irresistible to babies and dogs.  And yes, Baby found a new toy: my belt.

Oh well, so much for keeping that tied.

Thought I’d show you a close-up of my hair and the detail on my dress.
Cardi – swapped; Dress – Ruche  ; Leggings – H&M.
I know you’re probably tired of me talking about the weather, but honestly! When is it going to get nice here???  It’s been rainy, cold and wet, and so far it doesn’t look likely to change.  I’m getting quite put out! 
But enough about that. 
I’m in love with this dress.  It’s a little big on me in the shoulders, so I’m going to have to get that altered (or more likely I’ll do it myself). But I love how dreamy it is.  It makes me feel so girlie and feminine!  Husband says that sometimes dresses like this don’t seem to match who I am, since I have such a strong personality.  He says they seem contradictory .  I understand what he means.  This isn’t the dress I’d wear to a business meeting, but then again the me that goes into a business meeting is not the one who watches Backyardigans with Baby and sings along.  I have many facets and what I wear highlights how I feel that day and how I’d like to present myself to the world. That’s what I love about fashion.  And today I feel girlie and feminine and soft.
On another note, I’ve got a busy two weeks coming up.  First, I’m shooting an episode for the web series I’m working on (which you know I’ll be blogging about here) and then I have a preliminary photoshoot and wardrobe fitting for a music video.  I’m excited!  It’s going to be fun!
True Story:  Baby has learned to point.  Now she points at everything…including me when I tell her, “No.”  What that’s about I have no idea, but it’s absolutely adorable!

Dress 75: Domestic Goddess

Shirt – Smart Set; Dress – Costa Blanca ; Scarf – H&M; Shoes – Zellers

 It so sunny outside that my pasty white legs came out to play.  And they’re so happy!  These puppies have not seen the light of day in months, as you can tell.  And let me tell you, getting this strapelss number on *I’m wearing a black t-shirt underneath to dress it down* was a challenge.  Having Baby has changed a few things and I am busting out of this dress! *pun intended*  No I’m not complaining, just observing.

Side Bar: to all my male readers: no, nothing is off the record
Moving On.  

It’s not even 9:30am and so far this is what I have done: get Baby changed, dressed, fed, get myself breakfast, put dishes away/into dishwasher, shower and get dressed, two loads of laundry *one of which you see here, one is in the dryer* , cut, peeled, and steamed a bag of carrots for Baby, cut and prepped a butternut squash to steam for Baby, checked and answered my email, read my blogs, watched an episode of Backyardigans with Baby, one blog post, taken photos and started to write this.

I. Am. Woman.

*Disclaimer: this may or may not have something to do with the two cups of coffee I had this morning*

Dress 74: Nearing The End Soon

I’m a bit of a grumpy pants in this pic because it started raining on me.
Cardi – H&M; Shirt – Smart Set; Dress – Jean Machine ; Leggings – F21; Boots – somewhere in NYC

Can you believe this dress challenge is almost done?  I’ve got maybe ten more dresses and then I’m done.  That’s so cool.  It’s amazing that it’s taken me this long.  I really could just wear every dress I own three times a year and would have enough clothes for the whole year.  That’s kind of funny!   I’m looking forward to wearing pants…I have these great khakis, shorts and flare jeans…oh I’m getting excited!  Yeah, I know.  I’m easy to please.

I know I have a lot of dresses *and clothes in general*, but I just keep stuff, store, and rotate.  This dress is a perfect example.  I bought it about 8 years ago *it’s pre-Husband* and I still love to wear it ever summer.  I wanted to wear it this weekend because it is a bit folk-ish to me, and this holiday in Poland you’d often dress up in your folk costume to celebrate *I’ll show you something fun regarding that soon*.  So, I’m there in spirit. 

On another note, I bought something from Ruche and it’s coming in the mail.  I’m allowed to do so under the terms here.  And just in case you’re keeping track, we’re on day 77. *le sigh*

On a side, side note, I miss my long hair.


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