My Cosco Right Size Umbrella Stroller.

 Sorry this is a little late.  My brain overheated yesterday and also possibly got a little too excited in my vacation state.

I’ve got this little stroller for one purpose:  it’s folds down to almost nothing and therefore is a great occasional stroller.  This doesn’t have a basket, or anywhere to put your keys.  So it’s very light on features.  But it’s really about portability.  It folds to the size of walking umbrella and takes up almost no room at all in the trunk.  So for a trip or a day out when you don’t think you’ll need a super stroller and trunk space is at a premium this is the way to go.  It’s a great stroller to take to my Mom’s house for example.  Throw it in the trunk and I have plenty of room for all my other things.  Or if we go up north or camp, we’ll probably bring this puppy along as well. 

Picture from the Toys’r’us website.

Plus, I like the fun monkey pattern!