Random Sundays: Celebrating With A Walk

Father’s Day is not a good day for me.  So for most of my life I just kind of ignored it.  But today was the first day that I actively pursued celebrating it.  Because today I’m celebrating not my own life, but the life of my daughter.  Today I celebrated her Daddy!  And in order to do that, I bought him an intensive RPG computer game.  He may be a Dad, but he’s a little boy at heart!

My in-laws are here and we spent the day with family….

Her Grandpa tried to put a hat on Baby…

But that didn’t work, so he just put it on himself.

Then Baby changed into one of her B-day presents.
The sights along the Humber River.

This is how the day felt.  Overlit, relazed and a little hazy.  A very good day.

Baby loved looking at all the people in the park.

Husband’s parents enjoy going for a stroll.  As do we!

Baby’s First Birthday Party

Yesterday was Baby’s first birthday party.  We kept it very small and made it a simple BBQ.  And that was absolutely perfect!

My friend and Baby’s godmom, tried to give me an angry face…
Baby ended up shirtless because the chocolate cupcake that was her “cake” was on her face, all down her arms, in her hair, and of course down the front of her shirt as well. She didn’t seem to mind. 
Goofing off with Auntie Emily.

Me and my Mommy!
One of my favorite gifts was a book that our friend got ‘her’ entitled “Go The F@$k To Sleep.”  It’s hilarious and says exactly what every parent thinks sometimes. 

I can’t believe she’s one already!

The Birds

I kept it simple in this outfit.  Basic Walmart t-shirt with a beach bum skirt *literally!  I bought it in Barcelona on the beach!* The shoes are my garden/backyard shoes from Value Village.  The reasoning behind this outfit?  I was tired so I didn’t feel motivated.  It was hot, so I wanted something light and cotton.  And I didn’t want to have to shave my legs, hence the maxi.

On a side note, the rose bush in my garden is a great backdrop for photos lately!  But that’s where my nature loving ends.  I hate the birds in my yard!  They eat all my plants and I only got half a strawberry cause of them.  Now I understand the allure of scarecrows.  I seriously want to adios the birds.  Anybody have a bow and arrow?

A Walk Round The Neighbourhood

Baby and I went for a walk to the bank today.  It’s a simple and rather mundane walk, but today I went out focused on trying to see the fun and pretty things on the way. 

The first thing I saw was this awesome cement truck,  No, you’re not imagining it – it’s pink!

Then I noticed a cute habit that Baby has developed.  When we’re walking, instead of leaning back and enjoying the sights, she always sits straight up in her stroller and holds onto the tray.  This is her go-to walking position – perched on the edge of her seat.  She’s gonna be a go-getter that one!

I also noticed some fun building art.

And finally, after our walk, Baby shoved herself into the smallest, most awkward place in the room.   Why?  I don’t know.

  Sometimes, I don’t get that kid.  But I love her.

Do What You Want To Do

The beautiful roses in bloom in my backyard.

Baby is sleeping.  She’s been tired a lot lately – lots of activity, the heat and not sleeping well at night.  I’d love to go run right now, but alas it’s only 8am.  I feel that out of respect for my neighbor, who shares a wall with my house, I should wait until at least 9am.  The treadmill is in a part of the house that isn’t at all attached to them – it’s in the extension – but I’m sure some noise and vibration gets through.  So here I sit.   I want to run.  But I can’t.  I should probably go shower and get dressed.  But I don’t want to.  I kind of want to online shop.  But I won’t.

I did have a production meeting/read-through for a project I’m working on.  And once again, I’m going to be put in a pretty dress and locked in a cage, and tortured and abused.  Yup, it’s a suspense/horror.  Why do I do this to myself?  Oh right, I love acting.  Boy am I dumb!

Baby’s First

As I mentioned, today is Baby’s one year birthday.  This morning as I cuddled Baby on my lap I was complaining that she’s no longer a baby, she’s a toddler now.  And I’m lamenting the fact that she’s no longer a baby.  But then Husband immediately informed me that she’ll always be my baby.  So Baby she is and I’m sticking to it. 

As a family we all headed out and bought a gluten-free cupcake that we shared over iced tea at Starbucks.  She loved the yummy lemon icing and the dough, but after a while I think she had enough of the sugar.   So Husband decided to valiantly *ahem, ahem* finish up the cupcake for her.

Only after this pic was taken did I informed him that he had lemon icing on his mouth. *tee hee*

We then headed over to the park where Baby had a swing.  It’s a recent discovery for her, and every time I put her in it she cries for a split second unsure of whether she likes this.  But then she grins and giggles and enjoys herself.  Every time.

At the park, Drake the Dog made quite the impression on the ladies.  Not only did he attract the attention of the female dogs, but he also had quite the groupie following of little girls on the playground.  The kid is a chick magnet!

He’s such a player!

My Baby Birthday Suit

Forgot make-up…again.  Ssseesh, I got to try to remember that
Dress – somewhere in Barcelona.

Hey, it’s Baby’s birthday *I’ll share all that with you later* but here’s the dress I’m wearing today.  It’s one of my favs.  I got it in Barcelona and wore it a lot while bumming around Europe. 

I love how easy it is to throw on a maxi and head out the door.  It’s one of those things you really don’t have to put a lot of thought into, but it still looks put together.  That’s true of any dress really, but maxis especially.  I think because they’re so long, they’re a show all in themselves and they make a statement without really trying.  

Just so you know, I didn’t manage to get any shots, but I’m actually just wearing a simple nude flat sandal with it. 

These Are A Few Of Baby’s Favorite Things

Reading light, remote controls, Drake the Dog, and a piece of wood.

Toysrus?  Forget it!  Walmart?  Who Cares!  These are Baby’s favorite toys: a reading light, remote controls, the dog, and a piece of wood.   The Wii remote is especially alluring since we usually keep that out of her reach; so, on the off chance she sees it lying around she bee-lines straight for it!  She loves the swirly nature of the light and the dog is fun to pull, poke, prod and generally annoy.  As for the piece of wood?  Your guess is as good as mine on that one!

Raise A Toast To Friends

Shirt – Lucky 7; Shorts – Smart Set; Shoes – Zellers

It’s hot out!  Yay!  But I have a stupid cold.  Boo! 
That’s okay ’cause I got to see a good friend today.  Baby and I went down to the local coffee shop *those people must think I’m weird ’cause I’m in there so much with constantly rotating people, but oh well* to meet a friend for tea.  And I must say it was wonderful.   We laughed, we cried,  but I feel really positive about where things will go from here.  Too often I think we let people fall by the wayside for the silliest of reasons.  But if you love someone – friend, lover, whatever – you owe it to yourself and to them not to let that happen.  And I really care for this person, so the fact that we had lost touch was sad.  But like I said, after today I feel really positive about where things will go from here.  
And speaking of friends, my friend was recently on a trip and she says that when she saw these magnets she immediately thought of me.
I know which is my personal favorite, but can you guess?

Feminine, Flowery, and Flirty!

Shirt &Skirt – F21; Belt – AE; Shoes – Payless; Earrings – ?
I love being feminine, flowery, and flirty! 
And I love an older silhouette.  This makes me think of something my grandmother would wear when she was younger, but that’s what I love about it.  Flowers and lace are kind of a timeless thing.  The key is to have some bright color and a creative way of tying a belt to make it seem young as opposed to ‘granny.’
Want to hear something crazy?  Right after these pics were taken I ran upstairs to wash my face.  Turns out I put on expired sunscreen and was having a reaction to it.  Yikes!  Not cool.  So my face is a little pink today.  Kind of matches my outfit.  C’est la vie. 
One last thing, if you have 3 minutes check out my demo reel here.  Let me know what you think!
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