Dress – Covet; Shoes – Payless.

First off, this dress is kinda awesome!  It’s so breathable and loose, but still looks cute in that relaxed way. Love it! And I love that Covet is dedicated to using organic and sustainable fibers.  So important that companies are eco-conscious these days.

My friend Emily came over and we played photographer in the backyard for a little bit.  And the whole time was a running monologue by me.  Seriously, I didn’t stop talking.  *try editing those pics!*  But here’s what the whole monologue was about:  I’m not sexy, hot, edgy, *insert hot femme fatale adjective here*.  I’m just not.  I do awkward very well. Ungraceful?  Check.  Clumsy? Yup.  Sexy?  *scratching head* Ummmm…what’s that?  And you know, I kind of like that I’m awkward. Plus, I’m funny.  Right?   

*noise of crickets*

*more crickets*

Okay, I think I’m funny. And Baby thinks I’m hilarious, though I realize that my ability to make a one year old crack up may not prove my point.  Regardless, what was I trying to say?  Oh right, sexy.   I know many sexy women and they’re awesome!  Emily for example,  has bosoms and hips to kill for.  Seriously, I think several men have died because of them.   I have other friends who are always considered to be sexy with a capital “S.”  Sometimes I look at shots of them and go, “Wow! Can I be that for a day?”  But you know they have days they want something else too.  Grass is always greener and all, am I right? 

And the good thing about being as un-graceful, clumsy, and awkward as me?  I always get a laugh!

Tell me, what’s something you love about yourself?  Leave a comment and let’s get the love fest started!

Quote of Today:
“It’s always better when you’re a Cylon.”