Glasses – F21; Shirt – thrifted; Belt – Ruche from this dress; Jeans – Guess; Sandals – Winners.

Crazy that Baby’s almost walking!  It’s really amazing to think about all the changes she’s gone through in the last year.  We went out for a walk.  We got about two houses down where the neighbor has gnomes, figurines, and a fountain in his yard – all of this is a huge delight to Baby!  We didn’t get much further. But that’s okay.

I love when pieces come with accessories!  I got this belt as part of a dress and I’m loving it.  It’s such a great piece to pair with a light shirt and a pair of jeans.  And one of my other favorite belts came with an H&M skirt.  It’s like getting two things for the price of one! 

 True Story:
Husband is the one people think is so laid back, but in the last two days he’s been impatient, “Can’t she walk faster?  Just pick her up and let’s go.” He’s been Mr. Clean-Pants, “She’s getting sooo dirty!  Maybe you should take her back inside.”  And I’ve been the one who’s been lassez-faire about it all.  Role reversal!!