Oops!  I forgot to add my True Story to my previous post.  So I found something interesting to share with you so I could also add my True Story.

I came across this article today and I have to say I find it fascinating.  I also find myself reading Mormon blogs though not a Mormon myself.  I’m married and a mother and I find that a lot of blogs I read are either demeaning to these two roles, or just unappreciative of them, and a lot of Mommy blogs are often focused too much on the negative.  I’m an educated woman who works both in and outside of the home and I’m also one of the few women in my social circle that has become both a wife and a mother.  So, I find these blogs to be a great place to share the joys I feel about both and to receive support from women who are in a similar place.  Though personally Mormonism is not for me, and I take certain things with a grain of salt, I appreciate the focus on the positive and the celebration of simple joys.  And that’s why I’ll keep reading.

True Story:
This morning I came in to wake Baby up and found her lying in her crib surrounded by diapers *clean ones she had pulled off a shelf*  Cute in itself.  the cuteness continued when I reached down and found that she herself was diaper-less.  She had pulled it off and tossed it over the edge of her crib.  haha!