Up in the Northern part of Ontario, it gets a lot colder than you might expect…or let me rephrase, a helluva lot colder than I would like. So sweaters and layers are a must, even though sometimes you can ditch them mid-day. I have to be honest, I did not enjoy that weather part. That part that kept me on the verge of cold all the time, even with the layers. But I very much loved taking a walk and seeing all the trees and flowers.

And you can’t beat a delicious glass of vino with those sunsets. The sunsets that turn your mind toward love, the infinity of life, and all those possibilities that live in the space between waking and dreaming. Those are the possibilities that define us.

Top – Souvenir from PEI
Skirt – Arnhem
Sweater – Trixie Boutique in Toronto
Bracelets – Purabeada
Sunnies – Free People
Necklace – Nessaya’s Gems and Jewels in Charlottetown