Though this was a vacation, there was a reason behind it: he had to work one of the days. We had taken a work trip and enlarged it and turned it into a chance to travel and explore. So that one day he was stuck inside doing that, I went about and explored a little more.  I did it all slowly, my toe was still bothering me – a lot. So walking around slowly was a good way to do it – and taking the occasional coffee break to elevate the foot. As a runner, it was *and still is killing* that I can’t run, but you bet I took advantage of the pool to do laps every single day.  If you’re ever in Charlottetown, definitely check out Receiver Coffee Co. I think I spent at least an hour there every day. Good food, good people, and good coffee.

After work was done for the day, I got a chance to show him some of those beautiful residential streets – he has a thing for that. It was also a chance to head out for the evening and a little bit of food and drink.

Dress – Ruche
Tee – Skyline Fever on Etsy
Shoes – Aldo
Flip Flops – Walmart
Necklace – Top Shop