Finally! Made it into Charlottetown. Yup, the big provincial capital. I say that with a bit of a smirk because it’s population is a whopping 45,000. So you know, not that big. But still beautiful, and still lovely to walk around.

The houses are just beautiful, especially in the center of the town. A lot of the government houses are of course stunning, but there’s a lot of boutique hotels, apartments, and student housing that looks just as incredible. ¬†Old style colonial – the British heritage is strong here.

And of course, what’s an old town tourist area without some lovely and whimsical boutiques to draw you in and make you wonder?

Apparently this is the look you get when you’re taking pictures while saying stupid stuff. You know, stuff like, “I wonder if I can take a selfie with your DSLR?”

Answer: Not really. Not at all.

Dress – A new shop in Kensington in Toronto, that I have TOTALLY forgotten the name of. On Dundas, just east of Augusta.
Shoes – Aldo
Necklace – TopShop
Sunnies – Dot Dash, bought in a beach shop in PEI