Never at rest. Always in motion, but often without direction. Just going round and round.

Renovations took away the washer and dryer, so all that’s left is the sterile and bland landromat down the street. How it manages to be sterile and totally f**king dirty is unknown to me. But somehow it manages to pull off both. Kudos to the goals attained by this establishment.

Seriously though, I think laundromats are where the human soul goes to die. Or at least get numbed into submission by the scents and the hypnotic cycle of a spinning washer and dryer. Hours, millennia, eons, and entire ages went by unnoticed. Species and civilizations were born and went extinct without notice while I gazed at the spinning array of clothing in both machines.

Then I went for a walk by the river to breathe and watch a bumble bee romance a flower. So glad to almost be done with this.

We’re all multi-layered.

Dress – Spell Designs via Free People
Boots – Asos, thrifted
Sunnies – Betsey Johnson via Winners
Bracelets – c/o Purabeada
Necklace – Threadsence, closed
Purse – Cole Haan via Coco’s Closet