And now I’m the immigrant, whose family moved continents as a child, then moved several times here, until I finally moved out on my own….

…and ended up moving ten times in eight years. Honestly, the longest I’ve been anywhere in one place was nine years – as a teenager and now this house I own.

The plus side? I don’t get attached to places and things. It got to be I could move everything I own in one van at one point.

The downside? I don’t get attached to places and things. There’s little meaning in a lot of stuff, and sometimes I feel distant from it all.

There’s pros and cons to it all, I guess it’s a matter of playing the card you’re dealt the best you can.
I fold, and raise.

Can you do that?

Dress – Spell
Bracelets – c/o Purabeada
Necklace – Threadsence *now closed*
Boots – thrifted