Okay, you’ve made the choice to be sustainable in fashion. What the hell does that mean? Well, it means a lot.

It means:

  1. Being intentional in your actions. It means examining your behaviors, seeing where and why you make the choices you make. Are you easily influenced by FOMO on instagram? Are you weakest when you wake up in the morning before coffee? Do you impulse shop when you’re tired?
  2. Reusing, and repurposing: old clothes are not useless. They can do some really great things, and give you a chance to really push yourself. Old clothes can be repurposed to art, bags, or rags. They can be altered to fit someone else, or become something different. They can become art. I have seen some great canvas art created from old textiles. They can be crafts too.
  3. Buying vintage/thrift: Sure yeah, doing this takes time. But guess what? It’ll force you to commit to what you want, because if you actually have to take some time to find it, or wait to find it, you’ll discover that you really don’t want/need as much as you do. And guess what? Your bank account will f**king praise Jesus for your restraint. Also, I found that going to vintage and thrift stores really imparted on me just how much SHIT we buy, never use, and throw away. A ton of stuff I thrift still has tags attached!
  4. Buying sustainable: This is a great conscious choice to make when you have to actually buy something new. By making an intentional choice to purchase something new and sustainable, I’ve found it actually makes me stop and think about what exactly am I looking for? Instead of buying ten different shirts that I never wear, I actually think about what particular shirt I want/need, and exactly all my must-haves for it (pockets, buttons, material etc.) then I wait until the perfect one comes along. So I have one piece that works perfectly for me.

And here’s the biggie: it means facing some truths about yourself. Are you buying things to hide/mask other failings or insecurities? Are you buying things because of some deep seated pain or unhappiness? If so, you’re not alone. It’s sometimes really uncomfortable to face the reasons for why we do what we do. But ultimately we’re the better for it.

Promise: we’ll get into all this.

Jumpsuit – Le Salty Label *old*
Shoes – Call It Spring *old*
Jacket – borrowed from my daughter.
Sunnies – eBay
Purse – Coco’s Closet Consignment