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Something To This

When I was little walking through the quiet woods, listening to the birds sing, and the butterfly dance before me, I dreamed of glory. I dreamed of big adventures, heroes, and sagas. I dreamed that I would play a big part in this epic of the world.

Whatever You’re…

I laugh at funerals and smirk at weddings.

Making the Choice for Sustainable Fashion: What Next?

Okay, you’ve made the choice to be sustainable in fashion. What the hell does that mean? Well, it means a lot.

October Swishbook

As things slow down…so do I.

Green Legal!

Whether you smoke weed or you don’t, whether you’re celebrating or you barely care.

Not A Fall Fan: An Unpopular Opinion

I know. Everyone loves Fall. I don’t.

Get Ready With Me

Hey all, you asked, I answered! You wanted a ‘Get ready with me’ vid and here it is. I just wish I was more interesting for you.

Yes, This is About Climate Change

This month Toronto experienced some serious flooding from the huge storms we’ve had.

Taylor Swift and the Super Hero Mom

She’s eight. She’s out of those years where memories impact us profoundly, but we don’t remember them. She’s in that stage now where memories are real and become part of our remembered history. 

Easy Summer

Tie up your wide leg pants, pop your hair into milkmaid braids, and head out.

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