City wall art, or murals is probably one of my favorite things.

It brightens and colors up the monotonous buildings and makes everything more interesting. The sad thing is that a lot of the art happens on the alley side of the building, or the backside. And that usually means that it’s the garbage dump side.

This art was so cool, and for a sci-fi tech nerd like myself perfect with the cybermen-esque robots. But what I didn’t photograph was the heaps of garbage. And I don’t mean in bags, I mean literal garbage just thrown and left everywhere. It was very sad to see.

Plus, at night, with only one lamp on this side of the parking lot, a ravine cliff on another, and these refuse piles everywhere, I was convinced that I would be murdered here. Thankfully, my two guy friends walked me to my car. And this not because I was a woman, but because no one should tempt fate in this murder spot.

I really wish that wall art was brought forward more towards the street side, it’s really the more interesting side of a building.

Sweater – I totally forget.
Jacket – Le Chateau
Top – thrifted
Jeans – literal Mom Jeans – as in they are hand me downs from my mom, too big for me, but perfect with a belt for that “boyfriend” look.
Boots – G by Guess – thrifted.

*All for sale if you want :)*