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Wall Art Sadness

City wall art, or murals is probably one of my favorite things.

I’m Wearing My Boyfriend’s Jeans


I love how we call them boyfriend jeans, but really they’re not from our boyfriend, and they’re not even cut as males jeans are. They’re a unique design all they’re own – made for women’s bodies, in a cut that is relaxed in a very specific way as to mimic the fall of loose men’s jeans.

And that’s a good thing too. Considering I’m married.  Otherwise, I’d have a heck of a lot to answer to after saying that I’m wearing my ‘boyfriend jeans.’




Jeans – Old Navy  //  Tee – SheInside  //  Bag – Lucky Brand  //  Shoes – ThreadSence *old*  //  Necklace – Gypsy Love Store  //  Rings, Hat, Sunnies & Belt – F21

High End and High Price….Yeah, Right!



Flowy Tank – Unknown *no tag* // Boyfriend Jeans – Old Navy  //  Sandals & Sunnies – F21  //  Feather Necklace – gift  //  Arrow Necklace – Threadsence

I was in a nice shop and a very well to do lady *at least she looked it* came up to me asking where I got my jeans, because they were just perfect.  She had been looking for months for a pair of boyfriend jeans like this.  Just where did I get them?  Old Navy.  On sale. Four years ago.   I’m just that luxe and exclusive.

But you guys already knew that, right?  You knew that from how infrequently I shop on sale *sarcasm fully intended*.  And from how I never admit what things cost because of their astronomical price *$45 for this whole outfit including accessories by the way*

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Jenny From The Block

Hoops & Vest – F21
Tee – thrifted
Jeans – Old Navy
Shoes – Ruche

While getting dressed I had J.Lo’s “Jenny from the Block” playing on repeat inside my brain.  Now, though I have neither Ms. Lopez’s dancing, singing, or booty ability, something inside me today demanded loose boyfriend jeans and hoop earrings.  Don’t ask me what, ’cause I have no idea.

Sometimes it’s better just to go with it.

Quote of Today:
“Put the machete down before you have a conversation.”

Textbook Mama

Sweater & Jacket – Jacob; Scarf – Street Stand; Arm Warmers – Ruche; Jeans – AE; Belt – ?; Shoes – Payless; Socks – Hue.

First off, I’m not usually one to wear turtlenecks – I kind of hate them – but I’ll make an exception for a black, soft knit fitted one. What I really like is pairing it with loose boyfriend jeans.  I like the contrast of sleek and loose and relaxed. It was a perfect outfit for playgroup. Husband called me a New York Bohemian.

But moving on.  I just had to share this with you.

A cool six week series has started at The Toronto Star examining childbirth all over the world.  They started with this focus article on Haiti.   This particular region was spared the earthquake devastation, and that makes this all the more unpalatable.

The conditions were shocking: no running water, no electricity, no sanitation, no ambulances, no operating rooms, and also therefore no c-sections.  Just women crammed into a dirty room in unsanitary conditions with one doctor for them all.  Needless to say, mortality for both Mother and Child is high. “More women die during childbirth in Haiti than in any other country in the Western Hemisphere…For every 100,000 live births, 630 Haitian mothers perish…In Canada, only seven die.” Haiti also holds the “regional record for infant mortality.”

Reading this article was like reading a piece of horror fiction.  My mind constantly asked, “Is this really happening in the world?” It’s scary to think.

I gave birth naturally here in Toronto, Canada in a pristine and sanitized hospital room surrounded by both family and two midwives, running water, a personal bathroom, doctors, medication, and an operating room ready and waiting should there be any complication.  I thought I had it bad because it hurt so much, felt like it went on forever, and I felt like my midwife pushed her beliefs a little too forcefully regarding how I should deliver.  *Really, I had a ‘textbook’ labor according to my midwives – perfect with no complications* Now, after reading these conditions I count myself blessed.  I gave birth in a situation where I knew that my chances of living, and my baby’s chances of living, were extremely high no matter the possible complications.

I can’t imagine delivering under those circumstances.  My heart bleeds for these brave women.  It grieves for them too, and their young lost babes.  It may be a little cliche, but I feel united with them because we are all women, we are all mother. There should be no reason for conditions like these in 2012.

Tomorrow’s Challenge:
Notice one thing you take for granted that others don’t have and give thanks for it – to God, the Universe, or whatever you may believe in. 
For my challenge yesterday I tried to barge my way in to four people’s offices for impromptu meetings.  It didn’t go so well: one wasn’t there, two I couldn’t get past the receptionist, and one actually met with me.  But at least I did it!

P.S. The winner of the Ruche giveaway is announced here. If you didn’t win, don’t worry I’ve got more giveaways coming up soon!

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