Ugh. Yeah, I’m not really sure what to say here.

It was an eventful day. Having never had a cavity, or braces, etc. I’m not too familiar with any extensive dental work. But our girl had/has a freak tooth that came in with a massive cavity. So obviously it needed to be taken care of.

She gets very nervous, I mean very nervous about any procedures. So with the bribe of a coloring book, a stuffed animal present, and a coffee to brace mom we did this.

She cried and was nervous. I sat uncomfortably for the entire time in a twisted position that allowed me to hold her hand while staying out of the way. And somehow we got it done. All things considered it could’ve gone a lot worse…but I’m not at all eager to repeat it again.

The flowers and coffee were a lovely distraction.

Dress – Spell via Revolve
Top – Stevie May
Jacket – Danier Leather via Just Thrift
Boots – Vintage