You know, people say that they want beauty…

…but let’s face it, nothing is untouched, nothing is perfect. Not people, not earth *hell, look at all the garbage* – and I’m not saying ignore it. Don’t. In fact, you should be screaming in rage at the current environmental and civil liberties politics.

But, in your daily life accept that everything will be f**ked up, or imperfect, to some extent. No relationship, no item, no day. There are perfect moments, not perfect times.

This wall was so soft and stunning and such a gentle sight….but to the right was a dead squirrel that had just been run over, and to the left was a row of garbage bins. So imperfection was everywhere, but don’t let that take away from the beauty.

Dress – Spell Designs
Necklace – Raw Eco Jewelry
Boots – thrifted