“We must simply learn to become whole and complete within ourselves, free to be with or without a companion, free to depend upon ourselves, know who we are, not be led around by other, but walk freely on our own two feet on this precious earth. When you are able to do that, you do not have to protect a false image of yourself in order to feel lovable: – Zen and The Art of Falling In Love.

In that state, I believe, we can be truly open and truly vulnerable. Because only in the security of our sense of self, can we be strong enough to risk getting hurt, to risk someone penetrating our defenses and really affecting us. Otherwise, it’s all pretense.

Without pretense, is joy and love.

Skirt – Arnhem
Sweater – Anthroplogie *thrifted*
Jacket – Danier Leather, thrifted from Just Thrift
Boots – thrfited from Gypsy Found Objects