When I saw this wall, I knew I had to shoot in front of it. Why? Because I love the idea of ‘don’t take’ – and in my mind the thought is completed with ‘give.’ Because really I feel like when you leave this earth, the scales should be tipped more in favor of the ‘give’ department then the take. That way, hopefully, each lifetime makes the world a little better.

Call me stupid, call me optimistic, but I’d love it if everyone adopted this idea. Just give a little more each day that you took. Sure, some days we are broken or in need, but try and tip the scales every week or every month where you’ve given a bit more than you took. See what that does to you. See what that does to those around you.


Top – Stevie May dress altered to shirt
Pants – Liz Alig
Shoes – House of Harlow c/o Saks of Fifth
Necklace – F21
Sunnies – Black Daffodil
Bag – Winners