Sustainability, zero-waste: these are all slogans we throw around. But I’m really doing my best to move towards this. It’s a slow process. First and foremost, I carry my travel cup and metal straw around everywhere. But recently I have been more conscious and mindful of the waste (including recyclables) that I bring in.

No, I’m not going to churn my own butter, or make my own wine. I have to do what fits into my lifestyle – and what is manageable. Also, baby steps. We’re already a mostly vegan family, with occasional meat, and we’re already doing our best in terms of travel mugs and for-here cups. Sometimes, I end up having to insist on for here cups when places would normally put it in plastic. I am able to drink iced coffee out of a mug – I don’t need a non-recyclable plastic cup to do so. But I do get weird looks for it. When did it become weird to be thoughtful???

I digress.

I went to the liquor store, and again thought about how I could be sustainable. I went to stock up our empty cabinet. Grabbing a hefty hemp woven reusable bag and a dishtowel I went to the store. I collected all my bottles, and at the check out got an odd look from the cashier. But once I briefly explained, “I don’t want to create more waste.” He nodded understanding and got on with the logistics. It was simple.

I laid out my bottles on the bottom. Put half the dishtowel over them, placed the rest on top so that the glass wouldn’t clink, and the covered them up with the other half of fabric. Once he saw the pattern of separation of the bottles and dishtowel, the cashier got on board with it. And after ringing me up he said, “I assume you don’t want the receipt either?”  I beamed, “No, thank you.”

And not only was my liquor cabinet replenished for months, but I’d taken another opportunity to avoid waste. This is awesome.

Top – Lucky Brand, hand me down
Skirt – Arnhem
Boots – thrifted
Necklace – Free People
Sunnies – Black Daffodil