Sometimes you want to play. Sustainability and budget are first and foremost on my mind when it comes to fashion. But sometimes a girl wants to play. Come on, we all need to indulge the desire. When I got invited to Hilary MacMillan’s preview show and sale I most definitely saw a great opportunity to play *see my insta stories*.  And play I did.  I loved her new Fall line, and more importantly, as you know I’m a Summer girl, I loved her Spring/Summer preview.  While I have trouble putting aside my first two concerns, I do occasionally want to bring forth my third concerns – supporting Canadian and local designers. It kind of goes in the same vein so I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch.

I love the design talent that’s found in Toronto. There’s a constant search for more on my part, but I will say that my efforts to shop vintage come into conflict with it. I’m complex, contradictory, and complicated. What can I say? Wishing to be totally streamlined are not going to make it happen, and when a talented and awesome Toronto designer comes to my attention, well, that excites.

Anyway, as it was a fashion event, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear a vintage Betsey Johnson dress. I mean this dress is so extra!  You know what I mean, the crinoline, the ruffles, that huge skirt. What other place is better to showcase it than a fashion event. Also, I never thought how easy and awesome this dress would be to bike in. Just perfect. Plus, I love a good vintage Betsey piece, so I thought bringing one of my fav designers to the show of one of my fav local designers was the perfect idea. Even if it only lived in my head.

Dress – Vintage Betsey Johnson via Etsy
Top – H&M
Boots – Matisse Footwear