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Ghost Ship of Jordan Harbour

If you choose to go off the highway, you might find some interesting sights.

Niagara River

Start where you want, and drive all the way to the other end.

Peace Bridge and Mather Monument

In full view of the Peace Bridge stands the monument to Alonzo Clark Mather. The architect and dreamer of the Peace bridge.

Peer Pressure or an After School Special

Let’s face it, everywhere we look we have ads, or people’s highlight reels, or somebody enjoying something we want.


Some think it’s a weed and do their best to kill it.

Cherry Blossoms

They come every year.

The Infamous Red Parka

Yup, it’s f**king back and it’s here to stay: the red parka.

Hilary MacMillian and Betsey Johnson

Sometimes you want to play. Sustainability and budget are first and foremost on my mind when it comes to fashion. But sometimes a girl wants to play.

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